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Capçalera00788nz a2200145n 4500
008110921 ||acznnaabn |a aaa c
024|2 uri
040  ES-BaUB|b cat|c ES-BaUB
100Brecht, George
400MacDiarmid, George
670  LC/NAF, 20 set. 2011|b (enc.: Brecht, George; altra inf.: in obituary published Dec. 15: George Brecht; b. George MacDiarmid, Aug. 27, 1926, New York; changed his last name to Brecht around 1945 while serving in the United States Army in Germany; d. Dec. 5, Cologne, aged 82; core member of Fluxus, the loosely affiliated international group of playful Conceptual artists that emerged in the early 1960s) )

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